The Elbert County Oil and Gas Interest Group (ECOGIG) Page
Jill and Jim Duvall, Co-coordinators
(303) 646-3202
February 17, 2013
Hi all:

There are several items of interest currently affecting the county and the state in regard to oil, gas and water.

** Elbert County meetings: the proposed oil and gas regulations for Elbert County (including a Memorandum of Understanding--MOU) are entering the final stages of development. There has been more push-back from the oil companies and drilling operators on three issues: they don't want closed loop recovery systems, preferring instead to use open pits to dispose of produced water; they want to retain the option to spray the recovered fluids on county roads; they want the state set-back rules (recently passed to be 500 feet from a residence and 1,000 feet from schools and hospitals) to be the maximum in Elbert County (proposals are suggesting from 750 to 1250 feet). If you want YOUR VOICE to be heard you must take time to attend the meetings of the Editing Committee and the Planning Commission. The Editing Committee meets on TUESDAY, FEB. 26 at 6:30 in the BOCC room at the County Admin Building in Kiowa. The Planning Commission meets two days later, THURSDAY, FEB. 28 at 7 PM in the same location. MAKE SURE YOU ATTEND ONE OR BOTH MEETINGS IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SHAPING THE REGULATIONS. If you don't speak up now, the commission and the BOCC will assume you agree with the industry's point of view (and some will).

** There was a recent fracking fluid spill at a drilling operation near Windsor that resulted in 80,000+ gallons of fracked water (produced water) spilling on the surface of the drill site. Statistics from the COGCC (the state agency that regulates oil and gas development) indicate that in the past 5 years there have been more than 2700 reported spills at drilling operations--17% of these spills contaminated surface or ground water. That translates to 1.75 contaminating spills per week in CO over the past five years! We need to expect better performance than this and institute tight regulations on this matter--AND pressure the legislature to provide more funding for enforcement by COGCC. Here is a link to the article from the Denver Post
(CLICK HERE) -- you can also find it on

** There is an ONLINE PETITION that will be presented to the legislature and the Governor on Feb. 27 that would request a statewide ban on fracking in the state of Colorado. If you wish to sign, please follow this link--and please forward to anyone who may be interested in a statewide approach: (CLICK HERE)

As always, thanks for your continued involvement and interest.

Jill and Jim Duvall
ECOGIG (Elbert County Oil and Gas Interest Group)