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April 1, 2012
Jill and Jim Duvall, Co-coordinators
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Several items for your review related to oil and gas issues in Elbert County:

--There were two articles in the Denver Post that are of interest:
**an article about cancellation of mineral leases in Elbert County by Chesapeake Oil

Chesapeake Energy cancels some mineral leases in two Colorado counties

**an article about the competition between agricultural interests and companies supplying water for fracking operations when it comes to auctions selling available water. " At Colorado's premier auction for unallocated water this spring, companies that provide water for hydraulic fracturing at well sites were top bidders on supplies once claimed exclusively by farmers."

Colorado farms planning for dry spell losing auction bids for water to fracking projects

--A possible future use for the now closed Elbert County Dump and Compactor is to become a recycling depot for "produced water", which is the leftover water recovered from the fracking operations. While this in the future, if we don't have a county owned, operated and maintained dump/compactor site, we won't be able to have the ability to make this a source of revenue to the county. With that in mind, we are posting a link to a petition asking the county commissioners to re-open the site, primarily for the current reason that there are no other facilities in the vicinity and this is a good use of our county tax dollars to provide a needed service.

--we wanted to update you on the status of drilling permits. Currently, there are no pending permits and one approved permit from May, 2011 for Renegade Oil (filed to expand production on an older, vertical well). To keep yourself updated, follow this procedure:
**--go to
--in the menu on the left, choose "permits"
--in the drop down menu for all for choices, choose "elbert"

April 8, 2012
We wanted to pass along a couple of pertinent articles:

1. In today's Denver Post, there is an article about Governor Hickenlooper's task force on oil and gas that is dealing with the question of how state and local control of issues involving drilling and hydraulic fracking are to be handled. "As oil and gas drilling and leasing swept across the Front Range, counties and municipalities started adopting drilling moratoriums and ordinances — raising the question of how much power local government has in regulating the industry."

2. On April 2nd, also in the Denver Post, there was an article about camps springing up around drilling rigs where oil company employees are living. " A makeshift man camp is angering officials in Weld County. An RV park is being used to house oil and gas field workers. Officials found out about it after a septic tank began overflowing, causing a health risk."

Read more:Makeshift Weld County man camp angers officials - The Denver Post
Read The Denver Post's Terms of Use of its content:

In a more local development, the judge presiding at the hearing to approve the signatures and final formation of the Elizabeth 86 residential (and commercial) metropolitan district has stayed the hearing until an appeal is ruled upon regarding the previous lawsuit contesting ownership of the property just west of the Safeway shopping area in Elizabeth. The judge will hear more testimony about the validity of the formation and approval of the metropolitan districts, but will defer any decision until after the appeal process has been completed in the above mentioned lawsuit. We will keep you informed as more developments occur, but for now we have gained time in regard to another Nyquist project involving Elbert County water.

We appreciate your continued engagement in these issues of oil, gas and water in Elbert County-- you have made an impact by attending events to let officials know of your concerns--thanks to all who were able to attend the court hearing in March--your presence was noticed!!