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April 30, 2012
There is continued information regarding oil and gas each week. Here are some of the most relevant:

##The industry, through friendly state legislators, is trying to limit local control of oil and gas development. " A bill in the Colorado House could bar communities from sharing in state severance-tax revenues if they enact oil and natural-gas drilling restrictions. "

Read more: Colorado bill would penalize communities that curb oil, gas drilling - The Denver Post

## One of the reasons we need strict regulation and oversight on oil and gas development was highlighted a few days ago in Wyoming. " Workers at a blown oil well in eastern Wyoming took advantage of changing winds Friday to plug the well with mud and end a powerful, three-day eruption of potentially explosive natural gas. "

Read more: Company plugs blown Wyoming oil well leaking gas - The Denver Post

## The EPA is looking at new rules regarding air quality near drilling rigs.
The Longmont Times Call published an article entitled "EPA To Set New Rules Due To Air Pollution":

## ECOGIG has a facebook page as well where more articles are posted. Search for "Ecogig" in the Facebook search. Thanks to Rick Blotter for managing that page for all of us.

In related water issues, which will obviously affect the conversation involving oil and gas development in Elbert County, we have two pieces of information to share:

1. Current Commissioner Kurt Schlegel continues to deny he has a conflict of interest in regard to any past or future oversight involving any metropolitan s ervice districts in Elbert County even though he continues to be a member of the board of the Elkhorn Ranch Metropolitan Service District. Via the Secretary of State's website (publicly available to all of us), we discovered that 84% of his campaign contributions in the 2010 election past were from two individuals:
Robert Lembke of United Water and Sanitation District and Diane Miller, the attorney for Karl Nyquist's group. While perfectly legal and no hint from us that anything wrong or underhanded has occurred, it points out Mr. Schlegel's close connection to two individuals who have water connections in Elbert County.

2. More concerning is that we also discovered that the accounting firm (Community Resource Services) with which the County signed a contract for accounting services beginning in June 2011 is co-owned by
Diane Miller, attorney for Karl Nyquist's group.
We would encourage you to draw your own conclusions; however this seems to us to be an unnecessarily close connection between the county and a party who has represented metropolitan districts before the BOCC in the past several years. We have encouraged the BOCC to do their own research; our recommendation to them at the most recent BOCC meeting was to replace this firm as soon as possible.

3. The
next hearing regarding Karl Nyguist's Elizabeth 86 Residential (and Commercial) Metropolitan Districts will be held September 14 at 1:30 in Kiowa. The purpose will be to hear arguments from both parties to determine if the District was approved in an "arbitrary and capricious manner" by the BOCC. Add it to your calendar now to attend.

That's all for now--together, our grassroots efforts make a difference to the quality of life in Elbert County.
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