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May 26, 2012
We have not written for several weeks. While it appears to be calmer on the oil and gas front, there is still a lot going on behind the scenes.

Several front range communities are working on local regulations to blend with or augment the state regulations enforced by the COGCC. Elbert County is still crafting proposed regulations--there is already push-back from at least one commissioner (Schlegel at the most recent BOCC meeting); from the state level of government (Governor's office) as well as numerous, industry friendly legislators; from the Denver Post in the form of editorials supporting the industry/COGCC position; from an industry group (the Colorado Gas Association--CGA); and from the COGCC itself. Their basic argument is that we can't saddle oil companies with a "patchwork of regulations" (an industry talking-point) because it will make them less likely to do business in Colorado--a specious argument at best. Our position has been that we must make tough decisions locally to protect our air/water/lifestyle quality in the face of possible drilling operations close to our residences.

We have had good articles recently:

--May 25: Encana is planning to drill near Erie schools:

--May 25: An interesting take on the Bakken shale play in North Dakota--at least one company is pulling back:|met:102|cat:67|or der:4

--May 23: In the Niobrara, there was recent increased investment--this could mean that we will have to be in for the long-haul to protect our concerns for years to come as development unfolds:

Jill and Jim will be busy with her campaign for Elbert County Commissioner ( ECOGIG will need help this summer during the event season to gather signatures, answer questions and make sure that ECOGIG is present at these upcoming events:
June 2 Elizabash
June 23 Simla day
June 30 Kiowa Street Fair
Aug 2-4 Elbert County Fair

Call Jill for more information--(303) 646-3202.

That's it for now--stay involved and become informed--knowledge is our best defense.

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