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Jill and Jim Duvall, Co-coordinators
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June 3, 2012
We have several items to update:

**Anadarko Petroleum has released preliminary results from a well they drilled in Arapahoe County. Read the complete article by following the link to the Denver Post. Currently, wells that are being fracked in North Dakota and Texas are costing between $6.5 million and $8 million. It will be interesting to see if the production is enough to allow the drilling companies to make the required profits to increase leasing and drilling activity. The initial results are not as promising as Weld county production:

"The well was drilled horizontally through the oil-rich Niobrara,which starts about 6,000 feet below the surface. In Weld County, some Niobrara horizontal wells in have had production at 800 barrels a day. 'Results outside the core area have been spotty,' said Pete Stark, a vice president at consulting firm IHS Inc."

Read more: Anadarko hits oil on old Lowry bombing range in Denver area - The Denver Post

**Just a reminder--to check the number of permits pending or approved in Elbert County (currently zero!), go to

**Thanks to Rick Blotter for taking on the ECOGIG duties at Elizabash. We could use some additional assistance for the events later this summer. Simla Day is June 23; Kiowa street fair is June 30; Elbert County Fair is Aug. 2-5. Please email us or call Jill
at (303) 646-3202 if you can help at any or all of these events.

**We need to remind the county commissioners of our concerns that the accounting company they hired last June (Colorado Resource Services) is co-owned by Diane Miller who is Karl Nyquist's attorney. This conflict of interest is uncalled for--let them know you would like them to hire another firm:

Del Schwab --
John Shipper --
Kurt Schlegel --

**The water moratorium will expire later this summer. We need to stay vigilant for ANYONE trying to bring a new Metropolitan Service District or amendment to the commissioners prior to or at the end of the moratorium. Water and oil/gas development go hand in hand--it takes an average of 5 million gallons EACH TIME a well is fracked.

Enjoy the beautiful county we call home this early June!

Jill and Jim will be busy with her campaign for Elbert County Commissioner ( ECOGIG will need help this summer during the event season to gather signatures, answer questions and make sure that ECOGIG is present at these upcoming events:
June 23 Simla day
June 30 Kiowa Street Fair
Aug 2-4 Elbert County Fair

Call Jill for more information -- (303) 646-3202.

That's it for now--stay involved and become informed--knowledge is our best defense.

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