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June 22, 2012
Happy Summer to all!

Just a quick update of some articles and news of interest:

--"Colorado's oil and gas drilling consumes enough water to sustain 79,000 households a year — enough for a medium-sized city and more than state planners have projected, a new study says." This is why we need to stay active and watch any water issues in the county.

Read more: Water used for oil and gas drilling in Colorado increasing - The Denver Post

-- "The market value of oil pumped out of Colorado fields jumped past the value of natural gas for the first time in decades, as oil production increased and natural gas prices cratered, according to a new study. " We'll be seeing more activity in Elbert County as companies switch from gas production to oil production. Staying informed is our best strategy.

Read more: Market value of Colorado oil production overtakes natural gas - The Denver Post

--The Elbert County Water Task Force met again this week. Formed by the commissioners after last summer's debacle with Karl Nyquist and the Elbert/Hwy. 86 Commercial Metropolitan District, the stated purpose is to provide scientific and professional information to the commissioners and to the citizenry regarding water development. However, we have concerns about the make-up of the committee-many of the same folks who have been on committees and who seem to have a generally industry friendly viewpoint.
The next meeting of the Water Task Force will be July 12, 7 PM at the Exhibit Hall at the Elbert County Fairgrounds.
This will be a presentation to the BOCC.

That's it for now--we'll be updating as often as needed to bring items of interest to your attention.
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July 6, 2012
--There is a presentation by the Water Task Force to the BOCC on THURSDAY night, July 12 at 7 PM. The event will be at the fairgrounds. This is an important meeting for all of us to be present to let the county officials know that water is one of the MOST important issues we face in Elbert County. Please plan to attend.

--Commerce City has been dealing with fracking close to residences. A recent article in the Denver Post stated, " City council members voted unanimously to approve a set of city-level regulations on oil and gas to create a way for the city to retain control in regulating proposed fracking and drilling operations. "

Read more: Commerce City approves fracking rules - The Denver Post

We'll keep you in the loop as much as we can.