The Elbert County Oil and Gas Interest Group (ECOGIG) Page
Jill and Jim Duvall, Co-coordinators
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July 15, 2012
Hi to everyone:

We are mid-way through July, which many see as mid-way through summer.....and the oil/gas/water information remains HOT.

**Rick Blotter shared this article on the Ecogig Facebook page--if you use Facebook and haven't liked this page yet, you should consider it- This article highlights one of the unintended, long-term consequences of fracking (Nationwide insurance will no longer write policies for homeowners who sign an oil and gas lease) which will leave the burden on the residents of a community impacted by fracking. " Nationwide said risks involved in fracking operations ' are too great to ignor e ' and apply to policies of commercial contractors and landowners who lease property to gas companies. " en#slide=more234188

**we are also in the process of confirming rumors from a couple of reliable sources that there may be plans to form a metropolitan service district in Elbert County with one of its purposes to sell water to the Reuter-Hess Reservoir. We will continue to investigate and report when we have verifiable information.

The 12 month moratorium on water projects imposed by the Commissioners last summer is nearing its conclusion--at the end of August, we could see new proposals affecting water in Elbert County presented to the BOCC.

**The Water Task Force postponed their July 12th presentation to the BOCC -- no new date has yet been set. We will inform you when we confirm the new meeting date.

Stay engaged in your county's workings--it is the only way to have policies which reflect the majority views.