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Jill and Jim Duvall, Co-coordinators
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July 30, 2012
Hi All:

We have a single issue to bring to your attention:

We watched the most recent BOCC meeting on the web--we had family in town and could not attend the meeting. One item on the agenda was a presentation by Jerry Koch, Chairman of the commissioner-appointed Water Task Force that was billed on the agenda as an "educational presentation on water." Imagine our surprise when it turned into an attack on Robert Rowland, rather than anything remotely related to water and education.

This is not the first time Dr. Koch has shown he is not the correct person to be on an advisory county water task force--let alone be in charge. His parting comment to the commissioners was, "the Water Task force will be meeting soon....the meeting will be at an undisclosed date, an undisclosed time and an undisclosed location."

The statement above shows a dangerous disconnect in his understanding of how to deal with a constituency; particularly at a point in time in Elbert County when the general population is very suspicious of any secret dealings involving water. We need transparency above all other concerns! There are other equally qualified county residents who have expertise in water, aquifers, hydrology, water usage, and planning.

We will be writing our commissioners to express our opinion that he be removed from the task force--and that the entire task force be evaluated in regard to the very definite leanings of many of the members who are in full support of metropolitan districts as well as oil and gas interests. We don't believe there is enough diversity of opinion on the task force as currently represented. The issue of the future of water in Elbert County is too critical to all of us to have a narrowly comprised advisory board making presentations to the BOCC.

Make up your own mind--see for yourself on the webcast (Jerry Koch starts about 39:30): link

The commissioners' emails:

Stay vigilant and informed