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August 19, 2012
Hi All:

Several items of interest:

**Locally, the Kiowa water system is in receivership--which is creating a difficult situation in Kiowa. One of the potential proposals to remedy this is to sell the water from the system to the oil and gas industry. The corporation which oversees the process, Sterling Corp (, posts activity on its website--there is actually a lot of information on the website which you may want to follow for yourself. Interestingly, Craig Curl, Karl Nyquist and David Pretzler met with the receivership attorney on June 21, 2012 resulting in 4.5 in billable hours. We have no evidence of the content of the meeting, nor that anything is out of line; however, we will keep our eyes on future events. One question we have--is this something the County could or should be involved in?--food for thought

**An article/blog regarding the head of the International Energy Agency points out some of the problems when energy companies ignore the concerns of local citizens. The article also points out the long-term benefits of responsible production. “Companies have to realize that they need to take people’s concerns seriously. There’s a very real posiblity that public oppositon to drilling for shale gas will halt the unconventional gas revolution and fracking in its tracks.”

Fracking-concerns-are-legitimate-international-energy-chief-says: ARTICLE

**In Colorado, the Denver Post reposrted an accident north of us in the Fort Lupton area: ARTICLE

Stay vigilant and informed.

The commissioners' emails:

Stay vigilant and informed