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December 22, 2012
A group of 5 members of ECOGIG attended an anti-fracking rally in Boulder on December 2nd. Among the featured speakers were Josh Fox (producer/director of "Gaslands"). Phil Doe (of Be the Change), Wes Wilson (EPA whistle blower) and Shane Davis (environmental scientist). There is considerable momentum among groups from various counties across the state to work together as a coalition (called "Protect Our Colorado") on a statewide moratorium on new drilling applications as well as legislative recognition of local entities' rights to make decisions affecting local issues in regard to fracking and drilling operations. We will be working with this group as it develops and would like anyone interested in helping with this to contact us. We also have a petition to sign regarding this issue--we can forward to you if you wish to help.

** An article in Sunday's Denver Post details ground water contamination from drilling as reported by STATE AGENCIES....this is why we need to stay in touch with our commissioners to ask them to slow walk development in Elbert County until environmental and water issues are more fully researched....if our groundwater is contaminated, we all LOSE!

"Oil and gas have contaminated groundwater in 17 percent of the 2,078 spills and slow releases that companies reported to state regulators over the past five years, state data show." Read more: HERE

** An interesting (but very disturbing) article on the effects of fracking and drilling operations on this outcome the end result that ranchers who allow drilling near their livestock will have? We had a convoy of six "thumper" trucks on the property line of our place the other day--our small herd of two steers became very agitated at the noise and commotion--imagine how this will multiply as 24/7 drilling operations commence.

"In the midst of the domestic energy boom, livestock on farms near oil- and gas-drilling operations nationwide have been quietly falling sick and dying. While scientists have yet to isolate cause and effect, many suspect chemicals used in drilling and hydrofracking (or “fracking”) operations are poisoning animals through the air, water or soil." Read more: HERE

** Finally, one of the arguments against having strong regulations at the county level has been that the state will sue, costing Elbert County dollars we don't have. A recent article, also in the Denver Post, conveys a different message.....

Gov. John Hickenlooper says the state won't sue Longmont over a voter-approved ban on hydraulic fracturing, but it will support drilling companies that choose to do so. Read more: HERE

Thanks for your continued interest in this important issue.

Jill and JIm Duvall
ECOGIG (Elbert County Oil and Gas Interest Group)
December 9, 2012
Hi All:

We hope you all have a great holiday season. Here is our update for today:

--Several of our ECOGIG members have mentioned the proliferation of the "thumper" trucks in the northwest part of the county recently. Comments have been made about the noise, the caravanning of the trucks and the boxes on the side of the road. Many have asked what can they do to let their opinions be known. Here are some possible action items:
1. email your commissioners:
2. if you have comments about their presence or impact on the roads of Elbert county, email Ed Ehmann, head of Road and Bridge. Ed can be reached at
3. Attend EVERY BOCC meeting--second and fourth Wednesdays. They are held at 9 AM in Kiowa, usually at the county admin building on Hwy. 86. Check the county website for information prior to each meeting --
4. Attend the planning commission meetings which is the body that considers the permits for drilling if/when they are made. The next meeting will be Jan. 10th at 7 PM at the exhibit hall at the Elbert County Fairgrounds in Kiowa. On the agenda will be the proposed amendment to the ZONING REGULATIONS AFFECTING OIL AND GAS. This is an important step prior to going to the BOCC for discussion and a vote. These regulations are stricter offering more protection to Elbert County than the state regulations. We encourage you to attend to make your voice heard.

-- An ECOGIG contributor sent us a good article (see link) from the Niobrara News regarding discussions of oil and gas issues at the state level. We have become involved with more statewide activity--there is a new group called "Protect our Colorado" which brings concerned citizens together from various parts of the state. If you have an interest in participating, let us know and we can keep you in the loop on statewide activity.

-- Another article sent to us from a consistent ECOGIG member regarding exports of U. S. produced oil makes for interesting reading. It discusses the tough decisions ahead about whether we begin to export our own oil production--watch for more in the future, but as it stands now, the oil produced from ND and TX (and possibly from CO) is not suited to be refined in American refineries--creating a possible push from the industry to change existing laws about exporting domestic crude oil. How will this be affected politically and what impact will it have on prices at the pump for U. S. drivers--all good questions--make sure to take 15 minutes to read and digest this information.
Best wishes this holiday season,

Jill and Jim Duvall
ECOGIG (Elbert County Oil and Gas Interest Group)