In a vote certified by two canvassers, Karl and Suzan Nyquist, on November 10, 2010 in Jefferson County and filed with the Department of Local Affairs by Attorney Dianne D. Miller, residents of the area governed by Elbert and Hwy 86 Commercial Metropolitan District generously voted to fund approximately $70 billion.
Although the location of the vote was not revealed, on November 2, 2010, at least ten voters approved a debt of $50 million; another $1 million plus; a water debt of $907 million; a water tax increase of $7 billion; a sanitation tax increase to take care of the debt of $410 million; an operations budget of $1 billion; an operations and maintenance budget of $8 billion; a refunding of more debt of $1 billion; a refunding debt tax increase of $8 billion; intergovernmental agreements as debt of $1 billion; and a tax increase to police it of $8 billion.
A sanitation debt increase of $50 million was awarded nine votes in favor; ten votes were in favor of allowing the Metropolitan District to tax and charge; and only four votes were in favor of having governmental agreements.
There were no votes against all 14 ballot measures.
Currently, at Wild Pointe, residents pay a total of $6,160.16 per year in property taxes; $2,498.43 of which goes to the Metropolitan District to take care of a mill levy of 57.475. Each household pays approximately $40.00 per month to use their water, our sources confirm.
Elbert and Hwy 86 Metropolitan District looks poised to buy, deliver, and sell water and sanitation statewide and the fact that a ballot issue was held without opposition smacks of conspiracy and an assumption that its 3rd amendment would be passed. That the report of the canvassers bears the imprint of Dianne Miller, attorney for Elkhorn Ranch Metropolitan District 1 could be just a coincidence.
If You Are Governed By Elbert And Hwy 86,
You Could Be Paying Over $50 Billion In Taxes!
By William C. Thomas
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