Why is the Director of the Elbert County Enterprise Authority (ECEA), the guy who's supposed to bring business and jobs to Elbert County, who has a County e-mail and an office in the County Building, and was a member of the Elbert County Water Advisory Board, reserved the business name with the state of Colorado called Colorado Water Plans?
Craig Curl, began a company called Colorado Water Plans, LLC, on August 1, 2007 with W. Jerry Koch. He began Curl Company, LLC on March 20, 2011, then dissolved Colorado Water Plans, LLC on April 29, 2011. On April 11, 2011 he reserved Colorado Water Plans as a trade name operating under Curl Company, LLC. Whatever name he operates under, Craig Curl, will help adjudicate your water for a price, as he did for Bobbie Fuller and Gold Light Enterprises Trust (per Court Documents).
So why was Craig Curl so adamant that expansion of the Elbert and Hwy 86 Water Commercial Metropolitan District would bring new jobs to the County; provide it with more money and business at the July 13th BOCC Meeting? In our opinion, it's because Mr. Curl may just earn some big bucks if the expansion amendment is approved by the Board of County Commissioners.
Described on the 2007 Elbert County Water Advisory Board website, a blog that has not been updated since June, 2007, Mr. Curl, who has no degree after his name, is "a financial and real estate consultant to Fortune 500 Companies [who] has expertise in land planning, project engineering, sewer and water system design and construction, construction management and services, project and property management and services and federal and state and local entitlements and approval. He has taken classes at several colleges in California, including USC and University of California-Irvine as well as many industry-related seminars. His Ph. D. is in getting things done right."
Does this mean that Mr. Curl is an engineer? Does this mean that Mr. Curl has dug ditches for a sewer system during the summer? Does this mean that Mr. Curl has handled payroll for a contractor? Does this mean he was the super in an apartment complex? Does this mean that he has managed to fill out Federal or State forms for a contractor? How about those Fortune 500 Companies? What are they? Has Mr. Curl consulted for ReMax or WalMart or Carnival Cruise Line? What about those classes and seminars?
Mr. Curl may have qualifications out the kazoo, but we've been hard pressed to find anything beyond non-specific hyperbole. The only thing for sure is that he, like Commissioner Schlegel, seem hell-bent to ram this major change to Elbert County's water policy through before citizens learn the actual ramifications to their lives.
Although the purpose of Colorado Water Plans is not spelled out, Mr. Curl's touted experience leads one to conclude that he's in the catbird seat if Elbert and Hwy 86 is approved. What other local companies have an "expert" in place for delivery of their product?
Is there a conflict of interest here? In our opinion, there is. Are the powerbrokers trying to pull a fast one, again? You be the judge, and judge wisely.
If Mr. Curl has been working toward bringing business to the County and served on its Water Advisory Board, he is privy to insider information, not only with the private sector but with the public sector as well. This information can include the cost of bids for construction, legislation concerning water, who is selling his water rights to whom for what price, and favoritism toward certain vendors/contractors. These are the most glaring contradictions of Mr. Curl's access. There are probably many more.
Mr. Curl, who can be emailed at his County Government office Craig.Curl@elbertcounty-co.gov, has repeatedly told his audiences that his connections in the name of Elbert County stretch statewide, and the brochure for the ECEA proudly touts that he "communicate[s] with inter-county, interstate, and international business interests."
The brochure does not state how this pending Metropolitan District amendment might enrich Craig Curl.
It all sounds darn impressive, but...
by The Editors