When it comes to oil / gas development, water is the essential component neccesary. To get the natural gas from the ground, a process known as hydraulic fracturing will be employed. It takes millions and millions of gallons of water to frack a single well. According to the Colorado government web site, it is suggests that 4 million gallons is the minimum amount needed per well if it is fracked only once.
Because the Front Range is considered a high desert, water is a limited and extremely expensive commodity; which of course is why developers are interested in getting water cheaply from Elbert County. It is also one of the few unencumbered assets that the Elbert County Board of County Commissioners has, up to this point, not put into hock.
Whatever your position on fracking and Big Oil development in the county, you need to get real shrewd, real fast on the subjects of water and mineral rights. If you think Big Oil is going to truck in water at the current price of diesel and labor costs, you are living in a fantasy. If you think the local good ol' boys network is looking out for your interests, have some coffee and wake up. Some of them have made pacts with the devil.
Getting greedy and stupid because predatory developers or self-serving politicians wave money or future promises in front of your eyes will bring trouble to your door. Guaranteed. Ignore these issues and you likely end up with polluted land you can't re-sell and incredibly expensive water or no water at all. You need to arm yourself with information not delusions of what you thought was going on.
There are important things going on in the County: Big Oil development, water issues, politics, money and influence. Elbert-Grab is about it all, and what it means to you. I hope you find this website useful.
Michael Phillips,
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