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Elbert-Grab's mission is to level the playing field for the citizens who will bear the burden of Big Oil Development, water issues, and the power brokers behind it all. These are non-partisan issues that affect us all whether you are an "R", "D" "T" or like me, an "I". Without water you die. Drink poisoned water, you die. Get it?
- Mike Phillips, Publisher
an affiliate of New-Plains.com
Welcome to Elbert-Grab
Remember the Good Ol' Days when public servants served the people, not just themselves and big corporations?
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Believe the propaganda the Oil & Gas lobby puts out about no-risk development? Check these out:
August 30
Commissioners Schlegel and Rowland voted down the proposed MOU and Oil & Gas Regulations that was passed by all of the Planning Commission after a 2+ year study. We urge you to contact Schlegel and Rowland and express your extreme displeasure.
Kurt Schlegel (303) 621-3139
Email: kurt.schlegel@elbertcounty-co.gov

Robert Rowland (303) 621-3132
Email: robert.rowland@elbertcounty-co.gov