Concerned citizen's website in New York: CLICK HERE
Elbert County Oil and Gas Interest Group
Jill and Jim Duvall, Co-coordinators
(303) 646-3202
Colorado Oil and Gas Commission (COGCC)
(303) 894-2100
(Rob Willis at extension 5125 is helpful on the issue of forced pooling)

OGAP (Oil and Gas Accountability Project):
(970) 259-3353

How to receive email notifications from Co. Oil and Gas Conservation Commission of Hearing Notices and Staff Reports -
Concerned citizens can find out information on current and developing wells through , a website that actually zeroes in on the wells in a given area; a "landman report card," detailing the shenanigans of unscrupulous representatives of the oil and gas companies, and detail health issues. WEBSITE
From MIT called ExtrAct, "we can actually track the health of citizens who have been affected by natural gas drilling." WEBSITE
Phone numbers that you may find helpful
Colorado Metro District Reform is a group of citizens that would like to see reform of Special District Act provisions to make Metropolitan Districts more open and more responsive to all constituencies. WEBSITE
The Niobrara News